For the industry, Congoleum offers two outstanding products, Diamondflor and LuxFlor.  Both products are available in 13’6” and 15’6” widths for seamless installations, and feature Congoleum’s Whiteshield base which is engineered to be perimeter installed, and provide speedy installations which also mask minor subfloor imperfections.

The epitome of style and performance, LuxFlor provides everything available in DiamondFlor and so much more. LuxFlor features an extra thick Scotchgard wear surface which is resistant to cut, scratch, gouge, indent and impact. Scotchgard protection allows for exceptional clean up and stain reisistance, including in plant adhesives and dry wall dust.

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DiamondFlor features damage-resistant, ArmorGuard construction and a low gloss, durable PVC wear surface. Available in a wide array of realistic wood, stone and tile designs and configurations.

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